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The Kratom Shot #437

Pure & Clean - No Chemicals Added - Made in Asheville, North Carolina by ACK!

KRATOM has been recommended for centuries around the world as a natural source for “calm & energy”.  Many have reported that the effects from KRATOM are similar to effects of other natural, relaxing herbal tinctures & extracts, like Kava, California Poppy and Valerian.  Some have reported that KRATOM extract can replace their need for a strong cup of coffee.  At ACK! (Asheville City Kratom) we make no claims whatsoever about our Kratom, except that it is DELISH and people love it!


The Kratom Shot™ by ACK! is a 100% Natural Kratom Extract with organic lemon flavoring. Using our proprietary extraction process, ACK! has formulated a clean, chemical-free way to create one of the best and most delicious (lemon) extracts on the market.


SHAKE BEFORE USING. For 21+ Only. SERVING SUGGESTION: 1-2 droppers = 1 serving.  Start with 1, 2 or more droppers under the tongue and leave for 30 seconds then swallow. Wait 15 or 20 mins and then increase dropper amount to desired effect.    


Each batch of The Kratom Shot by ACK! is tested for contaminates and safety sealed. Our labs are available below or by clicking the QR Code on the bottle.

Ingredients:  Purified water, Mitragyna Speciosa (lab tested), USDA Organic Vegetable Food Grade Glycerin, Citric Acid, Organic Food Grade Essential Oils (lemon),**Trace amounts of evaporated high-grain alcohol (used for extraction). No Chemicals Added • Our 14 mil (.4oz) vial contains Multiple Servings for most people.       **Any trace alcohol content remaining is only from the initial extraction process but is evaporated to a trace amount

 The selling and purchasing of Kratom is not allowed in some states, so just to be clear - Void Anywhere Prohibited by Law. 

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